Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent Review

Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent Review

In our first article, we choose to do an Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent Review, we will judge many aspects of this canvas rooftop tent, its performance and main features, value propositions, and view the time of installation and setup, and our final verdict of this tent.

Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent Specifications

  • Capacity: 2 Person
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • The rooftop height: 280mm
  • Length: 1450mm
  • Width: 3100mm
  • Height: 1340mm
  • Ladder material: Aluminium

Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent Features

This tent got many features including:

Doors and windows have a midge-proof mesh with an anti-tear capability and an additional sand-fly.

A comfortable 75mm foam mattress is provided with the tent.

To access the tent you can use a provided aluminium ladder, this ladder have an additional role in the stability of the tent when it is set, when we bought this tent to review it we had to buy a ladder extension because of the of the height of the SUV used for the test. 

many pockets are included inside the tent which is a very good plus to store your smartphone or keys and any small important objects.

You can modify the roof of the tent to hold a portable lantern on it.

Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent review of Performance

Any tent expert will tell you that a canvas tent is better than a plastic one, it helps in keeping water out during rain storms, and it will allow the moisture to get out of the tent which will make it relatively cold in the summer, and not so cold in the winter.

Be sure to open all 4 side if you are summer camping, this will provide a better ventilation and then cover the windows with mesh to protect against mosquitos and the various insects in the area.

but we should not that the zippers of this tent are not strong enough if you are planning to camp a lot with it, and by camping a lot I mean camping way more that what the average person spend.

Setup difficulty (assembly time)

The setup of the Adventure Kings Weekender rooftop tent is easy if you are an experienced camper, but if you are still in the beginning of your camping journey.

it is better if you try to set up this tent a number of times before going on a trip, this way you will be 100% sure that you won’t have any complication or time wasted that will ruin your camping experience, the average setup time is 20 minutes.

This tent weight is nearly 70 KG, installing it will require multiple persons (at least two) to lift it and doing the initial installation on the roof rack.

The installation itself is easy, the supplied parts are easy to use, the installation process will not take more than 30 minutes.

You should be very careful with the zippers and straps, We noticed that they are not that strong in comparison to other tents, so be careful.


This tent is made out of canvas, which means that it will be excellent in rainy days, the momentum of the rain drops will prevent them from leaking inside the tent, and even after the outer canvas layer is gotten wet, it will swell and make it even harder for water to get inside.

The canvas used in this tent is the “320 GSM Poly Cotton Ripstop canvas”, this canvas has a great cost to value proposition which a lot of other canvas brands lack nowadays.

FAQ about the Adventure kings rooftop tent

Does this tent have an annex included with it?

Yes,  an easy to add/remove annex is included with the package.

Is the Adventure kings rooftop tent waterproof?

Yes, the canvas used in manufacturing this tent is waterproof.

Editors’ Final verdict

This entry level rooftop tent is a good choice if you are trying to start with the camping hobby or if you don’t have the budget needed to buy a more expensive tent with more options.

An entry level tent here means a tent with less options and definitely not a bad tent.

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Adventure Kings Rooftop Tent


The GSM Poly Cotton canvas is waterproof


A midge-proof mesh with anti-tear capabilities



  • The canvas quality is superb for the price.
  • Easy setup.
  • A good ventilation system.
  • The cheap price.
  • Good for multiple weather conditions.


  • Lower building material quality.
  • Zippers are easy to break.
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