Best jeep grand Cherokee rooftop tents

Best jeep grand Cherokee roof top tents

Choosing the best rooftop tent for Jeep Grand Cherokee is a crucial step of having a great camping trip, and between all jeep grand Cherokee camping accessories, a roof tent is the most expensive one, that is the main reason why our experts did this complete review to find the right choice for you.

That is why we bought and reviewed some of the most famous rooftop tents on the market. we checked each one’s durability, weather resistance and also its compatibility with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

When shopping for a roof tent for Jeep Grand Cherokee, you need to consider the following points:

This is what you will find in our article of the best roof top tents for the Jeep Grand Cherokee
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    Weight Seasons
    Tepui Explorer Kukenam Rooftop Tent Jeep Grand cherokee Tepui Explorer Kukenam 130
    4 seasons
    Tepui Explorer Autana Rooftop Tent Tepui Explorer Autana 130
    4 seasons

    Tepui Explorer Kukenam Roof top Tent

    Tepui Explorer Kukenam Rooftop Tent Jeep Grand cherokeeThe Explorer Kukenam Rooftop tent is one of the most popular rooftop tents on the market, this tent can easily accommodate 3 people inside it (or 2 persons plus gear space).

    There is enough headspace inside this tent to fully sit up to stretch your arms and have a comfortable sleeping time.

    A detachable rainfly is included with this 4 season all-weather RTT.

    If you remove the rainfly you can have an excellent view of the night sky via the built-in screened panels.

    The view from inside the tent is also augmented with the large side windows and doors that have a no-see-um tight netting that allows air to flow but block mosquitoes and other bugs from invading the tent.

    They ensure a comfortable sleep during your camping trip, this tent comes with a 2-1/2″ high-density foam mattress that makes you feel like you are on your own bed at home.

    The design of this tent is an excellent spacious A-frame.

    The process of this installation doesn’t require too much effort of specialized tools, this tent comes with a universal mounting brackets that are compatible with most roof racks out there including the ones one the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    Access to the tent is assured with a stock telescoping ladder that does the job really, and you don’t have to pay extra for an additional ladder.

    Additionally, it holds an impressive 110 pounds, and can easily handle between three and five snowboards, making it a wonderful choice for going snowboarding. Since the mounting is designed to create an audible click when it is in place, you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not the box is attached properly to your roof. The integrated light ensures that you can easily access your contents during the night without trying to hold a flashlight to find what you are looking for.

    Tepui Explorer Kukenam specifications

    • Can host three 3 people inside it.
    • Its size open is 56″ by 96″
    • Canopy fabric: Haze Gray 260g polyester cotton
    • Includes a high density 2 1/2″ foam mattress with a cotton cover for more comfort.
    • Travel cover is made from a heavy-duty PVC
    • 5/8″ aluminum tube construction
    • Includes four 4 internal storage pockets for different camping gear and accessories.
    • The sleeping footprint is around 56” by 96”.
    •  4 season tent (the design of the tent and its fabric allows for good airflow and the included rainfly is excellent in keeping the rain out).
    • The weight of the Kukenam Rooftop tent is 130 lbs or 59 kg
    • Large windows, each one with its own no-see-um mesh to protect against mosquitos.
    • Telescoping Aluminum Ladder included.
    • A UV resistant rainfly

    Tepui Explorer Autana Roof top Tent

    Tepui Explorer Autana Rooftop TentTepui Explorer Autana is the second tent on the list of the best rooftop tents for Jeep Grand Cherokee, this tent is certainly not cheap, at least in comparison with the other tents on this list, but the cost is reasonable if you like to have a high-quality tent with a lot of features and a good durability for your jeep grand Cherokee.

    A lot of attention was paid in the design of this tent, especially in the quality of manufacturing, and also on the improvement of the user experience.

    This tent comes with its annex attached to it, and a fully enclosed ladder, this will offer an unparalleled privacy level and also great protection against harsh weather.

    Autana can host three people inside it, or two people plus a lot of gear and headroom space. And it has the patented Tepui Zipper Gimp that allows you to change the canopy depending on the temperature of the current environment.

    The Tepui Explorer Autana is one of the best four-season tents out there, you have a detachable rainfly that can protect you during rain and snow, and a multiple screened panels that allow a good airflow and humidity removal.

    All of the windows and doors are covered in anti-mosquitos nets to protect not only against mosquitoes but also against various small bugs.

    When we tried this tent, it was really spacious thanks to its A-frame design that offers an excellent room to sit up, or change your clothes, or simply stretch.

    A high-quality foam mattress is included with this package.

    The universal mounting brackets that allows easy mounting to most roof racket in the market today.

    But you will need Thule 711400 WingBars to install this tent on your Grand Cherokee.

    Tepui Explorer Autana features and specifications

    • The Sleeping Capacity of the explorer is three persons.
    • Its size closed is  56″ X 48″ X 12″ 
    • Its size while open is 56″ X 122″ X 52″
    • The canopy fabric is a  260G poly-Cotton 600D Rip-Stop with Nanotex water-resistant coating
    • Multiple no-see-um mesh screens
    • Weight:  130 lbs
    • Base Construction is a Welded aluminum tube with insulation and aluminum cap sheet
    • A telescoping aluminum ladder is included.
    • Four season tent built to endure the elements of any season and climate
    • Includes an extended private canopy entrance with removable annex
    • The tent fabric is both UV and mold resistant to resist the elements.
    • Mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation and open for more airflow
    • Four, large internal pockets for storing different gear and camping accessories
    • Includes a high-density foam mattress for added comfort
    • Easily swap out the canopy depending on the season and weather conditions (Additional canopies sold separately)

    Choosing the right roof top tent for your Jeep Grand Cherokee is an important (and costly) decision, but the tents listed above are, by far, the best choices if you want to invest in having the best camping experience.


    Editors’ choice

    Tepui Explorer Autana Roof top Tent


    Weather resistance


    Manufacturing quality



    • Great privacy
    • Velntilation assured by the multiple windows


    • Expensive.

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