Best Toyota Rav4 Cross Bars

Toyota Rav4 is one of the best selling cars in the US in the year 2019, and many owners of this vehicle will like to have a roof box to travel, or they just like to go skiing, but in order to do this, you must have a good roof rack.
Before choosing a roof rack, you need to ask some questions. Do I need to have a roof box, or a roof top tent? Kayaks or snowboards? Or maybe ladders and fishing poles.
This is the list of the best Rav4 roof racks.

Toyota Genuine
best rav4 toyota roof rack


Deluxe Rack aluminum Crossbars
Aluminum roof racks for toyota rav4


Yakima PowderHound 6 Snow Rack
YAKIMA - PowderHound 6 Ski rav4


Toyota Genuine Rav4 Roof Rack Cross Bars

best rav4 toyota roof rack

The first cross bars (or roof rack) in this list of the best RAV4 roof racks, are from the oem of the RAV4 itself, Toyota, this is perfect for everyone searching for an official roof rack from the original manufacturer.
It can fit the 2019 Rav4 models (except Adventure), you will enjoy the additional storage space .
If you have a Rav4 adventure, the best roof rack (cross bars) that you can get is the PT278-42191.
No additional tools are required to install this roof rack on your Rav4, everything is included with the package that you buy.
It can support a maximum weight of 100lbs (45 kg), perfect for most roof boxes on the market.
They weigh 14.5 pounds, in combination with the fact that all tools needed to install this roof rack are included, everyone can mount the Toyota Genuine Rav4 alone.
Attaching ate bars to the mounting points on the roof rails using the included screws is everything that needs to be done to complete the installation process.


Deluxe Rack aluminum Crossbars

Aluminum roof racks for toyota rav4
The deluxe rack crossbars are specially designed to fit multiple Toyota RAV4 vehicles (fifth generation), 2019, 2020 Adventure 2020 TRD Off Road, and they are compatible with the factory raised roof rails.
They are made from a strong aluminum alloy, aluminum roof racks are a better choice for the rav4 than the steel ones, aluminum bars can carry more weight and they are more resistant to the harsh weather elements, and they can support multiple accessories with the drawback of the increased cost.
You can put up to 80 kilos ( or 180 lbs) of weight on these cross bars, this cargo capacity allows you to have a good roof box on your rav4, you can also have other things on it like ladders kayaks, snowboard etc…

Great aerodynamics design

The aluminum structure allows Deluxe rack roof bars to be more aerodynamics, this can save you a lot of money in the long run, less air resistance means less fuel consumption.

Best RAV4 roof rack for your kayak

Paddlers will be happy with the Deluxe rack. These cross bars are made with a kayak carrying capacity in mind, you can transport your kayak with ease and most importantly, with a high degree of safety.

Best RAV4 roof rack for Bike

If you need to take a bike with you, this roof rack is a great choice, it allows you to free up space and keep your trunk empty to carry more luggage with you, it’s aluminum structure is made to resist the damage that can occur when mounting a bike on top of it.

Easy to install

If you have a Toyota RAV4 then you will have a simple and easy installation process, you can simply mount these bars on your factory roof rails, no need to buy any additional parts, and you don’t have to do any manual modifications to your existing rails (many RAV4 owners ruined their roof rails trying to fit non compatible roof racks) , the installation process of this roof rack is around 13 minutes.


The minimal low profile stream lines design in combination with a black color on the cross bars and on the plastic cover will give you Toyota RAV4 an enhanced visual design and a cool model look and less air resistance and lower noise levels.


Genuine Toyota Cross Bars for 2013 Toyota Rav4

These cross bars are only compatible with the 2013 Rav4 model, if you have a newer model check the other products on this list.
With that said, this official roof rack is among the best sellers for Rav4.
The ease of installation is the main reason to choose the Genuine 2013 roof bars, similar to the new models, everything is included in the package.


Yakima PowderHound 6 Snow Rack

YAKIMA - PowderHound 6 Ski rav4

The last option is the Yakima PowderHound 6, it is the best roof rack for skiing, it is wide enough to hold two pairs of skis or snowboards (they must not be wider than 98 mm).


Protecting your camping or skiing gear against thieves is an extremely important thing to have in any roof rack or roof box. This Yakima roof rack has an integrated same key system that locks your roof rack and prevents any unwanted person from messing with your belongings.

Easy to reach and to unload with gloves

You can quickly reach your luggage even if you wear snow gloves using the integrated overhang clamp attachment points.
It is also easy to put everything in place when you are done with your skiing trip with the one-button system of the Yakima PowderHound 6.

Less noise while traveling

During our test, we did get some noise when we drove at 50 miles per hour. This noise wasn’t too uncomfortable, but you can absolutely hear it if you are driving without music turned on.



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Deluxe Rack aluminum Crossbars









  • Great aerodynamic design
  • Good for carrying kayaks and bikes
  • Low noise levels


  • A little bit expensive in some countries.
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