Blade 720 drone review

Lately, many people saw the ads of the Blade 720 drone, this ad claims that it is an exceptional drone with a combination of high performance with a very competitive price tag.
To check if this is authentic, our drone expert did a complete Blade 720 drone review and here are the results.

Final verdict

This is a cheaper copy of many famous drones on the market, it is very difficult to find any design difference between this drone and the DJI mavic pro from a distance. After reviewing all the aspects of this drone, it is not worth the money, its low camera quality, lack of stabilisation, low battery capacity makes it a very difficult product to recommend.


The manufacturer claims that the drone can provide a high-quality HD video, HD generally indicates 720p.

The quality of the camera is very low, don’t expect to ever match the quality of the camera of your smartphone, but it has a 360-degree photo capability, this might be useful in some cases.

The problem is that, during our tests, we found that the focus of this camera is almost nonexistent if you are planning to have a drone to use it to capture videos while moving, or high-quality images, this drone is definitely not the right one for you.

The camera also lacks any optical stabilization, this will also negatively affect recording videos while the drone is moving.

Quality of manufacturing

You will have what you pay for, don’t expect a drone that will last years for that low price, you can follow the link above to find far better alternatives.


This is the only positive aspect of the blade 720 drones, it has an anti-collision system that uses various proximity sensors to avoid close obstacles and like trees and simply the ground.

You can also hold this drone at a certain altitude, this is needed for preventing stress on anyone controlling it and also to compensate for the lack of image stabilization.


Blade 720 drone specs

  • Foldable propellers: the propellers of the Blade 720 drone can be folded inward to make it easier to transport and also to protect it from any shock that can occur during transport.
  • Its internal control system is compatible with both Android and IOS, all you have to do is install the app and you are ready to go.
  • Connection between the drone and the smartphone is done through WIFI.
  • Max-speed: 12 meters per second.
  • Range of transmission: 2 km.
  • Camera resolution: 720p.
  • Dimensions: 6,2 x 4,9 x 3 cm.

Blade 720 drone




Ease of use




Video quality





  • Good flight control


  • Lack of image stabilisation
  • Low video quality