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Hard Shell Roof Top Tents [BEST PICKS]

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TMB best hard shell roof top tent

TMB Sand White Shell Pop Up Roof Tent Universal for Cars Trucks SUVs Camping Travel Mobile
  • Fits most vehicles equipped with cross bars and roof rails, make your camping and overlanding adventures more comfortable and convenient
  • 6-Month Warranty against Manufacturer defects
  • Closes via snap straps, bungee net roof storage with side pouches, inner and outer zippers for easy closure
  • Easy to open with shock assisted arms, stays securely open once fully extended, memory foam mattress pre-installed
  • Includes: Ladder, extra storage bag, Closed Dimensions: 84" x 49" x 13"

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TMD combined its part experience and new innovation to create what can only be the best hard shell rooftop tent.

The TMB Sand White Shell Pop Up Roof Tent Universal is compatible with most roof racks and roof bars (aka crossbars) and roof rails, this high compatibility level allows it to be used on multiple vehicles without worrying about buying a new rooftop tent each time you’re getting a new car.

It is designed to make the Overlanding and camping experience much more enjoyable and comfortable with its multiple features.

One of the most negative things about this RTT is the high price. You can easily find an ordinary rooftop tent with a lower cost if you are not looking specifically for a hard shell rooftop tent.

We already listed the best rooftop tent on the market today, this list is being updated constantly, so whatever you find here is up to date.

A six-month warranty comes with each TMB Sand White Shell Pop Up Roof Tent, so be sure to use it at least once or twice in the first 6 months of purchase to be sure that everything is working properly.

As for the user experience part, this tent is fairly simple to use. You can close using its snap traps, and in addition to that, there are multiple zippers in the inside and the outside of the tent that can be closed and opened depending on the need.

As for the storage, you can use the internal bungee net roof storage and the side pouches to store any camping items that you might need like a portable lamp or dehumidifiers, etc.

It can be opened even if you are wearing thick gloves, this is very useful for winter camping.

Opening this tent is also made easier by the use of the shock assisted arms that stay open once fully extended. These arms are made in a way to prevent the tent from closing accidentally.

And just like any tent that costs this much, you don’t need to get a separate mattress to sleep one, the included pre-installed mattress is enough for most people.

TMB Sand White hard shell roof top tent comes with a ladder that makes it easier to come up to the tent or down from it.

There are also extra storage bags that can be used to keep any camping tools and equipment safe and secure.

The closed dimensions of the TMB Sand White Shell Pop Up Roof Tent are 84” by 49” by 13”, this is a useful piece of info so you could know if you have the storage space needed for this hard shell rooftop tent.

DANCHEL OUTDOOR Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

DANCHEL Outdoor Hard Shell Rooftop Tent for Cars SUV Offroad Camping Travel (White Khaki, 83 * 50 * 35inch)
  • 【SIZE】:Open:7*4*3ft/83*50*35inch,Close:7*4*1ft//83*50*11inch
  • 【MATERIAL】: Body fabric,280GSM CANVAS PU2000mm, waterproof, anti-uv 50+. 3.15-inch super-soft mattress. 7.6ft Aluminum extendable ladder which can bear 300KGS weight. And rooftop tent floor made of environmental synthetic wood board. 4 windows, all the windows and doors zippers contain bug screens.
  • 【CAPACITY】: It can fit 2-3 Person, 260KG maximum load rating, easy to install.
  • 【USED FOR】: Save time and energy during outdoor excursions, fits most SUVs, trucks, vans with cross bars and roof rails. Ideal for family self-driving tours, offroad events, outdoor camping, overland adventures. In all sorts of conditions, warm, dry, and comfortable.
  • 【PACKING INCLUDE】: Rooftop hard shell tent*1, installation accessories*1 set, ladder*1,light*1, hook*1 set, mattress*1. PS: Our lights may not work at the first time we use them, because they rely on solar energy.

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The second option in the list of the best hard shell roof top tents is the Danchen Outdoor.

Its open dimensions are 83” by 50” by 35”, while its closed ones are 83” by 53” by 11”.

280GSM PU2000mm canvas is the main component of the body fabric of this tent, this fabric is useful during winter and summer, due to its ability to block UV while being waterproof at the same time.

There are four windows on the Danchel outdoor hard shell tent. These windows in addition to the door can use zippers to put a screen of mesh that blocks different types of bugs.

It does also have a “super-soft” mattress that improves the sleep experience inside the tent.

The included mattresses are one of the factors that makes rooftop tents better than ground tents.

The included mattress thickness is 3.15 inches.

Steel and ABS are used as the main material of the outside hard shell.

A Danchel hard shell tent is a great choice to have an enjoyable and adventurous outdoor camping experience in different weather conditions, especially if you like to be close to nature and forget the hassle of the everyday busy life.

This Danchel RTT can fit from two to three people, as long as the total weight doesn’t exceed its maximum load rating of 300kg.

The included aluminum ladder is 7.6 feet tall to make this tent compatible for most SUVs out there.

As for the floor, it is made from a synthetic wood board that helps keep the heat inside the tent during winter, and it stays cool during hot summer.

Overall, the Danchel hard shell roof top tent is a good investment with a high value to cost ratio.

Adjustment of the tent is possible, it can be lowered and raised depending on the vehicle or the need of the campers. While the heavyweight and construction quality is up to the highest standards in the world of rooftop tents camping. Its zippers can withstand heavy use, and their stitching quality is very acceptable.

It comes with everything that you will need to mount it on the roof of your SUV. while its installation process can be done in half an hour (if it’s your first time getting a rooftop tent, it is better to mount it at home to train yourself on the process. And to avoid any complication that you might have in mounting the tent when it is getting dark while you are camping).

The included guide will help to mount it for the first time, once you get things done, you are ready to go.

The protective shell is hard, and it is capable of protecting the inside part from water and snow. It is well built. And it uses a manual mechanism to open on close. This manual mechanism is slower than its gas of electric operated counterparts, but the lack of any complicated parts prevents it from failing even after years of usage.

When we bought this tent to test it, it arrived in 5 days from the day of purchase and in a nice package, in the current circumstances, 5 days is very fast.

Silverwing SWT90 Hard Shell Roof Tent

Silverwing SWT90 Hard Clam Shell Roof Tent
  • 86′′x51′′ 2 Person Tent - Interior Volume is 90 Cubic Feet
  • Thick comfy HDF foam mattress
  • Waterproof and fully zipped large windows and door with screens
  • Adjustable Ladder Up to 8.5', Easily Stored in Tent
  • Includes Large Rain Awning for Entry
  • ABS hard shell with reinforced base
  • Unit is Pre-Assembled - No Assembly Required
  • You must have a working phone on your order so that this can be delivered!

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We updated this article to add the new Silverwing SWT90 hardshell RTT. It is also considered to be an excellent hard shell rooftop tent.

Its total footprint is 86” by 51”. This big area makes it possible for two adults to feel comfortable inside this tent, in addition to all their camping items.

The total internal volume of the Silverwing SWT90 hard shell rooftop tent is 90 cubic feet.

As for dimensions, the internal usable dimensions are 82 of length by 48 of width, and 39 of height.

These internal dimensions allow you to stretch without being too confined inside the tent.

The total setup time of the Silverwing SWT90 can be done in less than 5 minutes. This fast set up time is one of the benefits of having a hard shell rooftop tent. Which will make it result in a great off/on-road adventure tent.

The shell will protect you from getting wet, it is waterproof and UV resistant.

It is also usable during snow and the majority of harsh weather conditions.

The included ladder with the SWT is also adjustable, useful when traveling in a tall SUV.

This Silverwing SWT90 is also compatible with sedan vehicles.

An awning is an important part to add to a rooftop tent, it can add a good shadowy area in its front that can be used in cooking, and in most cases to add additional rain protection.

The windows and the door are zippers with high durability zippers and each one has its own mesh.

The doo and the windows are capable of providing the maximum airflow possible in order to increase the quality of life inside the tent.

As for storage, you can choose between two options, a roof net storage, and two lateral storage bags. The net offers a larger storage capacity but the bags are more suitable for electronics and smaller items.

Some hooks are available if you like to attach any camping utility like portable lighting or a cooling fan etc.

This tent (just like the other rooftop tent on this list) is equipped with a 2.3” mattress.

This mattress comes with its own cover that can be removed if the weather is hot. You don’t need to use this cover to protect yourself against insects thanks to the mesh screen on the door and the windows.

We did a stress test on this tent to check its capability of withstanding rain and strong wind, the results were excellent (we couldn’t recommend this tent with its current price if we found any weaknesses in its design).

What are the best hard shell roof top tents brands?

When planning to get a hard shell roof top tent, these brands are recommended for cost and quality: Tepui, Silverwing, TMB, Danchel.

What are the benefits of hard shell roof top tents?

Roof top tents sit on top of vehicles, which means they are protected from any unwanted insects or animals.

RTTs are easier to set up and transport. 

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