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Nissan Rogue roof box guide

This article is part of our series of guides on Nissan rogue accessories today we will discuss what are the best choices for this car when it comes to rooftop boxes.

The roof got-to-go carrier box is a great way to increase the cargo capacity of your Nissan rogue easily without spending too much money or worse getting in your vehicle just for more cargo space.

Nissan Rogue is already a great SUV but a series is used often for long-range strips or camping trips so sometimes it’s our own cargo capacity is limited for what you might need when you count items cooking gear sleeping bags etc.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to roof boxes for Nissan rogue some of these choices are a waste of time and money while others are way too costly and don’t provide too much value.

Before we list any roof box on this list we tested each one of them on a Nissan rogue to check for the compatibility and for the performance of the car and the effects on the fuel consumption for a long duration.

What are the benefits of having a roof box on your Nissan rogue and are they worth it?

Roof boxes provides a lot of benefits for a Nissan rogue owner for example they increase the cargo carrying capacity of the car easily and without spending a fortune on the modifications.

They can host a lot of types of items like skin boards clothes small items large items depending on the size of your roof box you’ll have a lot of options.

They do not consume lots of space on the roof of your car so these are not affects your driving or increase your gas bill.

The following roof boxes are recommended for Nissan rogue models

INNO Wedge Nissan Rogue

We recommend you know wedge for Nissan rogue this Japanese built roof cargo Carrier has a wide body design with a carrying capacity of 8 cubic feet, it is impossible to check any guide online and not find this box amongst the recommended choices.

These high recommendations are the results of its high built quality and compatibility with a lot of SUVs the Nissan rogue included of course.

It’s minimal design and simple belt makes it durable and lightweights and resistance to shocks it can also transport cargo without adding any significant Air drag or fuel consumption.

It does not require any special tooling to install it on your cargo box.

The way the weight of the inner wage is 22 kg or 44 lbs which means that almost everyone can carry it and put it on the top of the Nissan rogue.

Thule Force Nissan Rogue

30 force is by far the best selling roof cargo Carrier box in the world and I’m not just talking about Nissan rogue I’m talking about roof boxes on any vehicle the 234 can be found everywhere and if you give you that you read about it is full of praises of its high build quality and huge carrying capacity and beautiful design.

It’s 11 cubic feet cargo capacity allows it to carry keys camping gear camping items and many more things.

It’s quick mounting system allows it to be attached to a roof rack just by pushing the handles on your hair a click you don’t need any tools or items to complete the installation process in the 10 minutes.

Thule Motion Nissan Rogue

Another truly roof cargo box for the Nissan rogue, we were really surprised of how good this root box looks on this particular SUV and yes it is not that popular in comparison to Julie Force but it is really good and has lots of features that improve the traveling experience of anyone using it.  

It is fully capable of hosting many luggage and items inside it without any problem and what we really like about this robot is that it has a high ability to resist scratches and not get damaged with shocks.

The 2D motion for Nissan rogue can’t carry 55 kg or 110 lb of total weight.

Thule Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Carrier box for Nissan Rogue

Another 30 River bugs on the list of the best of boxes for Nissan rogue is the sidekick it’s a much cheaper alternative to the other roof boxes on this list yes it does not have all the features of that minimalist black great design but if you like to buy a roof box without spending lots and you only care about how it works then the truly sidekick will be a great choice for you.

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box for Nissan Rogue

The Victor is more of a premium option and it’s not the cheapest roof box that you can find.

It is completely compatible with Nissan rogue and have the same quick mounting system of the 34 XT it is compatible with majority of roof racks and crossbars that are sold right now but you need to make sure that your particular roof rack is compatible with this roof box before getting it.

Just buy it’s external design you can deduce that this roof box is extremely higher dynamic it is made to negate any reduction of the vehicle performance or fuel consumption during travels.

It’s inside outlined in a way to protect luggage from shocks and vibrations and it has also LED lights that are very useful at night so you do not need to carry a lamp with you.


These roof boxes are excellent on the top of Nissan rogue their performance and capabilities and cost-effectiveness makes them great choices that meet the requirements of the majority of people and gives an improved experience to travel on a Nissan rogue.

We will add more roof boxes and we will remove some of them depending on their quality and depending on people’s feedback after testing them for a long time we are also testing and you root of box right now and you will reveal its name when we judge that it is ready to use on Nissan rogue.

If you like this guide please share it and you can also bookmarks you might need it for you or someone you know and if you have any question you can always contact us.

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