Ozark Trail Tent Review

Ozark Trail Tent review

Ozark Trail 8-Person 7' Center Height Family Cabin Tent with Screen Porch WF-151284P
  • Large screen porch for open-air living space,Sleeps 8,Family cabin tent with 7' center height
  • Gabled roof,Storage pockets and hanging corner shelf
  • Includes wheeled carrying bag for easy transport
  • Dimensions: 132"L x 144"W x 84"H
  • Weight: 45.86 lbs

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In this Ozark Trail  tent review, we will check everything that you need to know before buying one.

Ozark is one of the top brands that exists today for tents and camping equipment manufacturing.

Ozark’s principal business depends on delivering a great camping experience when many products.

We also know it for making quality tents that offer both safety and comfort for its clients.

But we need to check if the tent that we are reviewing today (Ozark Trail  8) respects those same high standards.

Why do I need an Ozark Trail  tent?

People use Ozark Trail  tent primarily for camping, hosting events, small picnics, and outings.

Can this tent keep the bugs and mosquitoes out?

Absolutely, the mesh screen over the door and windows keeps bugs and mosquitoes out.

How is the ventilation quality and options in this tent?

Ozark Trail  8 has multiple windows and doors, besides that its roof has some vents to evacuate hot air and unpleasant odor.

Is there a table included in this tent?

No. It doesn’t have any table with it.

Is the tent closed at the bottom?

Yes, there is a tarp at the bottom.

This Ozark tent is not an ordinary tent that you can get every year for cheap. This tent is one that is different and durable and has a name for it on the market.

Ozark Trail  offers a large space for people and gear, a plus for a large family or a group of friends.

And if you are a tall person like me, don’t worry about the headroom. You can move with comfort inside this tent, a great experience and I wish more tent designers will do this.

Ozark Trail  8 Person Tent technical review

The windows:

The windows of the Ozark Trail  8 have a roll-down design that allows for an easy opening and closing.

These windows also use a mesh screen that lets air circulate through the tent and protects the inside from bugs and insects.


This tent is one of the best tents with an AC port.

You can hang different electronics on the tent. These electronics could include smartphones, tablets, and, in my case, a Nintendo Switch.

And don’t worry about the batteries. You can use the included ports in charging your electronics.

On the bottom of the tent, there is a tarp on the top of a map that protects the inside of the tent from mud and water and provides thermal insulation.

Ozark Trail  8 comes with 3 large windows, I use these windows personally with a group of astrophotographers. All we have to do is place our telescopes through the windows and plug the PCs and cameras inside the tent.

Good air circulation also keeps laptops and telescopes cooler without the need to place them outside. 

The poles of the tent and its structure in made from high durability materials that prolong the tent’s lifespan.

What we didn’t like:

But this tent is not perfect. We did not like the fact that it is not inflammable. A tent for a large group of people with electric ports should have fire-resistant materials.

What we like the most about Ozark Trail  8:

The best thing about this tent is its setup process. It is possible to finish the entire process in less than 10 minutes, which is fast for tents of this size.

But we recommend having at least two people do the setup with no issues.

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