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What Rooftop Tent To Use In Montana? [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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Montana is a great state that has extremely varied weather and geography. This variety makes it the perfect state for hiking and camping the whole year.
So, if you decide to make a trip, you are most likely in need of a tent, whether it is a ground or a roof top tent, it is better to do some research before getting a tent that cost a fortune and finding that you made a bad buying decision.
The last point is especially important if you have a vehicle and you are planning to get a roof top tent, these tents are generally more expensive in comparison to ground tents, so choosing the right one is a must in this case.

Benefits of having a roof tent instead of a ground tent

  • When you use a roof tent, you are away from any potentially dangerous animals like snakes and insects.
  • Roof top tents are easier to transport.
  • Can be used as a roof box to carry luggage when not in use.

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 2 Montana Extended Roof Top Tent Review

Why did we choose the Overland Nomadic 2 roof top tent for camping in Montana?

The Overland Nomadic 2 is a roof top tent that meets all the requirements needed to be a great roof tent for camping inside Montana’s border (we have the complete list of the requirements made by our experts below).
This is by far, the best roof top tent for camping in Montana.
This tent has a 120 grams zipper that does not get stuck if it comes in contact with water or snow. We did many stress tests on this tent and the results were very positive (this is the main reason why we often recommend this tent on
The particular roof tent listed above can host 3 people at once, but if you need a smaller or a bigger alternative, you can choose from a variety of options inside by following the previously mentioned link.
A combination of Acrylic, Canvas and Poly-Cotton is used in the manufacturing process of this tent. As you might know, Canvas is used in high end tents to prevent water from leaking inside the tent.
while at the same time allowing some moisture to get outside the tent to make the air quality in the inside of the tent better. and as result a better camping experience.
Nomadic 2 has a height of 40 inches, which means a lower resistance to wind, low wind resistance means lower noise during storms and a longer durability of the tent in general (the structure of the tent doesn’t have to resist strong wind by being too tall, a tall good tent will either be too expensive or too weak).
The railing of most vehicles are capable of holding the weight of this tent, and even if your particular vehicle doesn’t have railing, with the right roof rack, you can put this roof top tent on the majority of vehicles that are sold in America today.

Benefits of roof tents in Montana


Montana’s weather varies a lot, and,  depending on the time of the year and/or the place that you chose to camp in, some rooftop tents or tents, in general, might not be suited in order to get the best camping experience.

A rooftop tent must fill certain requirements in order to be the right choice here, these requirements are:

  • The ability to withstand both high and low temperatures.
  • Doesn’t leak water during heavy rainstorms.
  • Its structure is capable of carrying the weight of snow, this is extremely useful when you’re camping while it is snowing outside at night, so you don’t need to go outside every 10 minutes in order to remove the snow that accumulates on top of the tent.
  • Compatible with a large number of SUVs and sedans.
  • Must also be compatible with the most popular roof racks on the market right now, which means the best selling roof racks online and in Montana.
  • The Montana roof tent must also have windows for ventilation purposes (removing excess humidity and cooling during the hot months of summer).
  • Internal storage: internal storage is useful because it allows for multiple necessary camping items to be installed in the internal space of the tent (dehumidifiers, portable lamps, heaters) and it also allows for the storage of various electronics (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc…).
  • And finally an AC port (not necessary as the previous requirements but helpful in the case it exists).

Montana’s weather

Thanks to its geography, Montana is blessed with a climate that is varied and fascinating at the same time.

This disparity in geography and topography makes Montana the perfect state for anyone that loves to camp at different altitudes and in different weather states.

Its climate can be very cool. during summer, the temperature can go up to 86 degrees, while in winter it goes down to 8 degrees.

The rainfall and snowfall are also varied depending on where you are located.

Some parts of Montana get 300 inches of snow on average every year, while other places get only 15 inches.

As for its geography, Montana consists of plains and a majority of mountainous terrain.

Montana is the fourth largest US state with a total area of 147000 square miles.

And as additional info that we used to answer the question of what is the best rooftop tent to use in Montana. The highest point in Montana is 12800 feet above the sea (the famous Granite peak).

The lowest point is 1800 above sea level (at a certain point on the Kootenai River).

Until now, we have the basic requirements, the Montana rooftop tent should be capable of withstanding different weather conditions.  It should also be capable of being a transporter and be compatible with different types of SUVs in order to discover all the great areas in the state of Montana.

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